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Fit Guide

You are beautiful, blissful, bountiful!

Sizing is big for us, our mission is that every woman feels beautiful in her own body, most importantly the ones that are going through the transition from maiden to mother. That moment when our bodies are changing and recovering is when we really need to nurture the nurturer!

Small    = (S)hakti- Creative Feminine Energy

Medium = (M)aia - The nursing mother

Large    = (L)aima - Goddess of fate

Unisize  = (U)rania - Goddess of music & Dance

We are working on increasing demand on XL, so we can soon add it to our options.

Each product will generally have fit info included below the product description. Most items fit true to size unless otherwise explicitly stated. Garment sizes as worn by the model are included only as a point of reference. It’s best to go with your normal size when in doubt rather than judging sizing based on a sample size a model is wearing.

For additional measurements or sizing/fit advice on specific items, please feel free to reach out to

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