The unexpected byproduct of our pregnancy, labor, and nursing journey


My journey to becoming a mother did not look like what I expected- right down to delivery day. I felt like succeeding in  breastfeeding was something I could control, that it would redeem me for the labor and delivery experience that I hated and I became a little bit obsessed with it.

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I know that many determined moms don't have the same 'success' I had and in retrospect, I know we were actually quite lucky in the nursing department- we never had latch or supply issues, I (thankfully!) never had a clogged duct or mastitis. We made it to my six month goal with almost no physical issues besides one brief bout with thrush. While I'm proud of this accomplishment, I know that it was a combination of luck, determination, and the right support team helping me.

The most important lesson I learned from breastfeeding that I feel holds true in all aspects of parenting was learning to trust myself. There's something extremely magical and primal to have to let go and trust your body during a time in your life when you're the most vulnerable and filled with uncertainty you'll ever be.

There's such a big difference between pouring formula and seeing how much the baby eats and sitting there staring at your boob praying that he eats enough. And I know because I've done both.

I've taken that lesson of trust and quieted a lot of fears about my parenting decisions so far. I trust myself. I trust my instincts. And I trust my partner. It's really been an unexpected and important byproduct of our pregnancy, labor, and nursing journey.

Karen Liebner | @findingyourmomtra

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